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What would Bill Bernbach Do?

What would Bill Bernbach do?

Came upon this little tidbit as I was decluttering amidst global catastrophes. Bill Bernbach lets Avis know what his philosophy is when it comes to advertising.

Perfect then. Perfect now. Perfect tomorrow.

Avis Rent A Car Advertising Philosophy

1. Avis will never know as much about advertising as DDB, […]

Know what Cicero knows?

I just happened to glance at a cartoon on Reddit or Facebook or somewhere, can’t find it anymore. Anyway, it’s a picture of Cicero (old-time philosopher, lived and died before Christ) in what looks like a jail cell. He’s writing what is apparently the caption which reads something to the […]

Au Contraire

When people say (about advertising), “It ain’t brain surgery,” we respond, “Au contraire.”

Stop and think about it a sec and, well, advertising really is brain surgery. No incisions. No removal of any part of the cranium. Oh, no, advertising’s much more insidious than that.

We don’t leave marks. Yet we […]

Bring Something to the Party

I just read an article by an earnest young account management type lamenting that the traditional role of account service is going the way of Betamax and VHS.

This is a fine proposition.

Although certainly not ground-breaking. Many heretofore job descriptions in traditional advertising agencies are going away. Or, more correctly, moving […]

A Sticker

This one, right here; about the size of a business card and a half. But better than a business card ‘cause you can put it places. On a car. On a phone case. On the front window of another advertising agency. (Just a thought.)

Anyway, this little baby is our sticker […]

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