First, to be totally transparent. We made up the number seven. Seven is an arbitrary number. We could be worth eight hours. Could be five. Could be one-to-one especially with some folks on the marketing side of biz whom we respect as “as smart or smarter than us.”

But by and large, we believe our marketing methods learned through years of experience with big national brands as well as challengers on their way to becoming big, national brands remain true to this day.

And they can be explained quickly, efficiently and pleasantly PowerPoint-free.

  • Narrow your target.
  • Explain to that target what you do.
  • Tell them why you do it and most importantly why they should care.

Solve those three questions and we at Knucklehead almost guarantee you can move on from your most pressing marketing needs.

And so far, marketing will have not cost you a thing, save for some time and thought
on your part. Which we don’t want to dismiss because that last question, the why, that’s
always a hard one.

Truth be told, though, that’s the answer that should solve all your marketing problems
from here on out.

And if you’re talking with anyone (insert marketing expert here) who’s not asking that question in some form or fashion, we would ask a rhetorical, what are they experts at?