I just happened to glance at a cartoon on Reddit or Facebook or somewhere, can’t find it anymore. Anyway, it’s a picture of Cicero (old-time philosopher, lived and died before Christ) in what looks like a jail cell. He’s writing what is apparently the caption which reads something to the effect of, “children don’t obey their parents. And everyone’s writing a book.”

I found it funny because some 2000+ years later, older generations still have the same complaint about younger ones and it indeed seems everyone is writing a book, or a screenplay, or a play, or, well, (ha ha, sheepish smile here), a blog.

If I may, marketing, advertising, branding, whatever term you decide to use, is a lot like Cicero’s observation. Not much changes over eons.

Of course, new media comes. Stone tablets have been replaced by Facebook. Long-copy proclamations have been replaced with “brand” videos.

The one thing that doesn’t change and keeps going even when old people are yelling at younger people to “get your space ship off my floating carpet of carbon-neutral grass.”

The pillars of strategy. (What is my brand? What do I stand for? Can someone sum me up in a word, a picture or a short phrase? If not, why not?)

Target audience. (Are you talking to people who might even be somewhat interested?)

Why do I (brand) even exist? (This is the hard one. Why? Why are you even here? Why would I click on you when Amazon has it cheaper, will ship it to me in minutes and will take it back just as quickly if it sucks.)

If anyone in marketing hasn’t broken your brand down to these few essentials, you’re ready to get some help from a few Knuckleheads.

Happy to oblige. And here’s the thing. We’ll give you plenty of insights and thoughts to go it alone. DIY as it were. We’re also happy to hear the words, “look I’m busy, just handle this.” To which we reply with equal aplomb, “glad to.”