This one, right here; about the size of a business card and a half. But better than a business card ‘cause you can put it places. On a car. On a phone case. On the front window of another advertising agency. (Just a thought.)

Anyway, this little baby is our sticker and we’re about to heap upon its tiny shoulders all the hopes and dreams and financial success a burgeoning enterprise can muster.


As John Belushi of Animal House burps out, “Why not?”

Look, we joke amongst ourselves at Knucklehead Marketing (oh, who’re we kidding there’s only two of us. For now, that is.) We joke that becoming a part of Knucklehead Marketing could be the smartest decision you ever make. Here’s why:

If you join us and want to learn marketing from the street-smart-ground-up so you can do it yourself, welcome.

And if you like what you’re reading and feel that your brand might be better off in the hands of a couple of Knuckleheads who actually know what they’re doing, well, we can certainly handle that as well. The benefits are immense:

Past success. We’ve worked on some of America’s top brands and helped make or keep them some of America’s top brands. But wait, there’s more:

  • Our jargon is virtually acronym-free.
  • Our ability to cut through the crap to get to the point is uncanny.
  • Our overhead is low.
  • Our sense of humor is high.
  • Our experience is why we have this amazing ability to make fun of ourselves and this silly business.
  • Our team is diverse, flexible and sometimes very funny.
  • And finally, last but not least, free stickers.

(Gees, these Knucklehead folks seem to really like their stickers.)